Didn’t Want To Waste A Cialis…

Load 2014-16

Sunday there was this mid-day gangbang I wanted to go to. The bottom seemed hot – a lean, youngish black / mixed race guy. He had asked people when they planned to arrive and I told him towards the end of the 2 hours he was going to take loads since I like fucking a cummy hole.

So Sunday morning I woke up and realized the gangbang was in a few hours and I hadn’t taken my (daily) Cialis in a few days, so I went and took one of my full strength ones – giving me about 4 hours for it to kick in. When we got up my bf asked what the plans were for the day and I told him there was a hookup I wanted to go to around 12:30 and then we could go to the gym. I didn’t want to go to the gym first since it was leg day and I knew I’d be wiped afterwards.

I drove down to Chelsea, and rang the bell and the guy on the other end trying to say something but I can’t understand him. He buzzed me up and told me the gangbang ended (prematurely) 20 or 30 min ago. Some top with a huge dick came in and gave a really rough fuck to the bottom who was “a little thing” and then the bottom couldn’t get fucked anymore.

I was bummed. I was all ready to fuck – had even taken a full Cialis and there was no gangbang. So I got online and was willing to fuck just about anything. There were a couple options. One I knew would be a decent fuck, but he didn’t get back to me in a timely manner. Then there was a guy who said he was usually a top but wanted to get fucked. He replying to me, but not with a full address. Finally this bottom hit me up – his pics looked a bit slutty. He said he had just taken two loads and wanted a third. Bingo! And he gave me his cell number, so I texted him and had an address almost immediately. I parked the car and as I walking to the bottom’s place the top finally gave me his address – too late.

I got to the bottom’s place and was a little surprised. The guy looked like an extremely clean-cut, preppy cub. And his apartment was immaculate. If he had told me he was renting the place on AirBnB I would have totally believed him. I kept thinking how the place was like hotel room that had just had maid service.

Anyway, we both took off our clothes. As I saw his body I was pleasantly surprised – the best way I could describe him is somewhere between “average” and “cub”, but with some muscles. His ass was muscular, with a deep hairy ass crack. I rimmed him hoping, with two loads in him, the rimming would turn into felching, but no such luck. In fact, if he hadn’t told me he’d just gotten fucked I would never have known – his hole was completely tight and dry.

Rimming him got me hard pretty quickly and then I lubed up and pushed in. I did my usual doggy -> then on his belly. Not sure if it was the loads in him, but his hole did feel really good and I came pretty quickly. The weird part was right before I came he told me he really liked my blog. The comment sorta came out of nowhere and given that I could feel my orgasm coming, the timing was pretty funny.

After collapsing on him for a little bit, I rolled him over and pumped in and out of his ass and then pulled out and tried to felch his ass. I didn’t try to hard, but once again his ass just wasn’t all that cummy. It’s like his hole is a sponge and hangs on dearly to every drop of cum put up it.

I had to run, so didn’t stick around. I needed to get home to go to the gym with my bf and was pushing the limit of when he expected me home.

Later he hit me up saying the previous hookups had been blindfolded, “poz cumdump” sorta hookups where he never got to see who was fucking him. While I like those types of hookups, I was glad I got to see his face. He also mentioned he does web development – so I may get together with him soon to fuck him and then discuss development stuff. It’s rare to find a proud pig who’s a competent programmer…

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I LOVE Cumdumps

Load 2014-15

Yes, I know – half way through the year and I’ve only given 15 loads. That’s really bad, but I sorta knew going into this year that it would be a bad year. Hopefully I can get the hookup sites that I’m working on completed by the end of the year and then spend 2015 promoting them with sex parties and the like.

But one of the issues is that my sexual tastes are changing and when it comes to topping I’m finding nothing motivates me like a cummy hole. The last two guys I bred – both had cummy asses. It just feels really incredible to fuck a cummy ass – gets me really hard and makes me cum quickly.

So one day last week I was looking for a hole to fuck and there were a couple options. The two leading options were both in hotels. One guy was playing a bit coy and after some back and forth told me the name of his hotel but didn’t tell me the room number, while another guy got to the point quickly and told me “Manhattan Hotel, room XXX”. Problem was, I had no clue where Manhattan Hotel was and if you try to put that into Google you get every hotel in Manhattan. He then told me the cross streets and so I picked him – just because he seemed like a good pig who gets right to the point. I confirmed that I was going to come over and asked how many loads he had in him already – the said “5″. When I heard that I couldn’t wait to get there and fuck his cummy ass.

I get to the hotel and it was pretty run down. The lobby looked like the started a renovation and just stopped. When I got up to his floor the walls were all scuffed, the carpet was dirty and old. In other words it seemed like the perfect hotel for a sleazy cumdump ;)

The door was closed so I knocked. It took a while for him to answer and then I saw why – there was another top there. The bottom was what I’d call “slim, average, white guy” – but I wasn’t there to fuck Adonis – I was there to fuck a cummy hole. The top was actually pretty hot. I’d guess the low side of mid-30s, had a few tattoos, a nice lean(ish), slightly muscular body. I actually thought the top was considerably hotter than the bottom, but I was there to fuck, so that wasn’t really a factor.

While I was undressing the other top tried to get the bottom to push the cum out of his ass, but all that the bottom managed was to push some of the air out of his ass – in other words while a little cum may have come out, it was more like a fart. Then the other top had the bottom turn around and suck his dick. Once my clothes were off I wanted to felch the bottom’s ass, but he wasn’t in the best position for that, but I did just a little bit of it in this awkward position, then when I got up the other top indicated that he wanted me to fuck the guy. I thought that was a little weird since he had just worked up a hardon, but who was I to say ‘no’ to a fucking a cummy hole?

I started fucking him on all fours. His hole felt good, but I needed to reposition him. So I got him down on his belly – had to pull him back to position him. Once he was on his belly my orgasm came pretty quickly. It felt like I kept hitting bottom in his ass – or maybe it was just the “second sphincter”. Anyway, that plus the slickness of all those loads felt incredible.

As soon as I had cum I wanted to just slowly fuck his cummy ass and savor the feeling, but the other top was all horned up and wanted in, so I pulled out and he took over. I had only fucked the guy for maybe 3 or 4 min, but the other top didn’t last even that long. I kid you not when I say he fucked the bottom for maybe 30 seconds or a minute before cumming. It was almost funny how quickly the bottom got those two loads.

I confirmed with the bottom that we were loads 6 & 7, but he said no, we were loads 7 & 8. In other words, in the 30 minutes it took me to get to the hotel, the guy had taken another load as well. He was on a roll!

Once I dressed I tried to take a piss in the bathroom, but nothing came out. Then I left. These three really hot young Brazilian guys were walking in front of me. One had his arm around the other. As we waited for the elevator (which takes a while in a crappy hotel), I couldn’t tell if they were gay or straight. But they were definitely hot.

After I got home the bottom sent me a note apologizing. He said he initially thought the other top was me, but then figured out it was a guy who was supposed to come an hour earlier. The chemistry with the other top was actually pretty good, so I didn’t mind. I mean I sorta like gangbang scenes – so definitely wasn’t a problem for me.

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Finally Getting Back To The Gym, But It’s Zapping My Energy

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know for a number of years there my physical appearance wasn’t on the top of my list of priorities (to put it nicely). I sorta let myself slide and in the process got heavier and heavier. Then a few years ago I started losing weight unexpectedly – about 3 pounds a month (I was a bit more active and just wasn’t as hungry). I dropped about 35 pounds that way over about a year. Then I leveled off between 215 and 220. I stayed that way until last Thanksgiving last year when I started going back up slowly. Recently I’ve been in the 225 to 229 range.

What I realized in all of this was that I’m too sedentary. While it’s nice to lose 35 pounds without really trying, eventually it comes back so I need to do more. Plus, on top of everything else, I’m not happy with my stamina – especially when it comes to sex. I cum quickly because I’ve learned if I wait too long I can’t cum – I just sorta run out of steam. Same goes for my erections. I’m not going to pass judgment on others, but being a bear just doesn’t suit me. I don’t enjoy it.

So as of a couple weeks ago now, I’m now back at the gym. My goal is to #1 increase my cardio health, #2 reduce fat (particularly around my waist), and #3 build strength and muscle.

My running out of steam should be helped by all three. Better cardio health will improve endurance and blood flow. Blood flow is related to erections, so that’s a plus. My favorite position is with the bottom on his belly – but that means I have to support my entire weight as I hover above them. Weighing less (#2) will help, and being stronger (#3) will help me support myself more easily. And who knows – I may find with my “new body” that there are other positions I like. I mean I remember when I was in my 20s I used to love to have a bottom with his legs in the air. Maybe I’ll go back to liking that. And I remember when I was stronger literally tossing bottoms around the bed when I wanted them in a different position.

So I’m expecting things to improve for me sexually. But I realize it’s going to take time. I have a scale that tells me body fat percentage. It’s not terribly accurate, but it gets in the ballpark. Right now it’s telling me I’m carrying about 70 pounds of fat on me. But back in the day when I was in good shape I had about 30 pounds of fat on me. So the ultimate goal is to lose 40 pounds of fat. (If I manage to gain some muscle, total weight loss will be less than that). However, I look decent when I’m around 200 lbs and carrying 40 pounds of fat on me – that’s how I was when I did Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend (10 years ago now). So even losing 25 pounds (30 lbs of fat plus gaining 5 of muscle) would be great, but I’d like to lose more than that if I can.

When I was younger (late ’90s) I lost about 20 pounds in 3 months and then kept going down – 40 pounds after 7 months, etc. I’m older and being a little less rigorous with my diet this time, so I’m not expecting to go down that quickly this time, but hopefully by New Year’s I can be in decent shape (around 200 lbs or a little less) and then lose the rest early next year.

After not going to the gym for probably 12-15 years, I was actually a bit shocked at how weak I’ve gotten. I used to be able to lift quite a bit more weight. I mean it makes sense when you think about it, but you don’t really notice it when the muscle is fading away. The only exception is my legs – they’re still relatively strong.

The problem is that the way I was taught to do weights when I was in college was to go to failure on every set (while being careful about form). That sort of workout is exhausting when you haven’t been to the gym in 10+ years. Right now I can barely walk ’cause I did a leg workout a couple of days ago. My quads are killing me. And if it’s not my legs, then I’ve probably done some upper body exercise and holding my arms up is difficult.

So oddly, right at the moment, working out is killing my sex life. It’s hard to even sit in a chair and do work. The idea of expending energy to fuck someone is just out of the question. But hey, it’s temporary, and in the end my sex life will be better, right? The question is how much better… We’ll see…

I forgot to take before pictures. I didn’t take any until I’d been working out for a week and a half, but for the record, here’s where I stand as of a few days ago… I’ve got a lot of work to do to whip this into shape…

before-2 before-1

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If you invite 120 guys to gangbang you…

Load 2014-14

I’m WAY behind on my loads this year, I know, I know… And the story I’m going to tell just drives that home in a big way…

So late last week I went to a gangbang. The bottom had been weird with me in the past. Online he seemed completely disinterested in me. When he organized his last “take all loads” gangbang he didn’t approve my request to go. I still wanted to fuck him – mostly ’cause nothing feels better than a really cummy hole. And this time BBRT was showing him with about 120 approved tops, which if 1/3rd showed up meant he’d be getting about 40 loads. And if he posted on Craigslist, etc. the number could be even higher.

He started taking loads at 3:30 in the afternoon. I got there around 7:30. He seemed a bit scattered and out of it. There were about 6 other guys there. And the guy who was fucking him had to get in some weird positions because the bottom wasn’t taking the needs of his tops into consideration.

I still don’t know why I didn’t get an invite to the last gangbang. There were two guys sitting on the bed jacking their dicks (plus the one fucking him), and I was in at least as good shape as one of the guys and better than the other guy. So clearly he’s OK with bears, etc.

Anyway, the top who was fucking him came (load #20), and no one else stepped up to fuck him and the one big bear on the bed motioned to me to start fucking him. He was sort of interacting with the other top on the bed (a black guy), but the guy didn’t seem like he wanted to fuck him – at least not right then, so I put some spit on my dick and pushed in.

The position was really weird, but I did what I could. But then he started complaining – that it hurt, that I was going in too deep, that my dick was huge, etc. Seriously? My dick’s just not that big. I mean it’s “above average” but that’s about all. There are plenty of tops who have bigger dicks than mine.

But I have to say a hole with 20 loads in it feels INCREDIBLE! My dick was loving every minute of it. In fact rather quickly I started feeling like I was going to get my nut, but then the bottom decides he wants to take a “5 minute break”. Seriously? Right then? Ugh… The big bear top told him he was “a high maintenance bottom” – that there were a line of tops who wanted to fuck him – he should stay and get fucked. But he ran off to the bathroom instead.

Given how he was acting I started thinking he might be high and maybe the drugs were wearing off after 4 hours. This lean Asian jock went into the bathroom with him and they stayed in there for what seemed like forever. Then they two of them came out and they were all over each other. I started noticing a bit of a pattern – the bottom was highly interactive with some tops and practically ignored other tops. I’m not saying that bottoms don’t have the right to be picky, but when you just invited 120 tops to gangbang you pump-n-dump style, it’s not the time to be playing favorites. Just saying…

Anyway, when the Asian guy blew his load (#21), the bottom decided he needed to go to the bathroom again. He spent all sorts of time talking to guys he knew as he went to the bathroom, then he stayed in there for a long time (again), and then came out and talked to his friends some more. It was at this point that the light hit his face and I got a clear view of him. He looked really familiar – either he’s been in porn, or he’s someone I’ve seen forever online. I’m thinking porn, but I can’t quite place who he is.

FINALLY he got on the bed and put his ass up, but by that time I’d completely lost my erection. This one skinny black guy had come in during all that and he wasn’t very happy about it – he was talking all sorts of shit about how gangbang bottoms need to be ass up taking loads if there are tops around who want to fuck them. He was next up fucking the bottom.

Meanwhile I started looking at this really cute little Latino next to me. He was barely over 5′ tall with a really compact body – totally my type. And he kept looking at me. I’m not sure what he was thinking, but I got the sense that he was into me. Jumping forward a little in story he hit me up a couple days later, but when I responded “nice to see you the other day” he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Anyway, his profile said vers, so hopefully I can fuck him in the near future.

The skinny black top finally came (load #22), and by now I wanted to get off and leave, and since no other tops were pushing their way to the front, I took another turn. I wasn’t completely hard, but I was hard enough to fuck. Once again he was in a position where it wasn’t all that easy to fuck him. Then I realized that during one of those runs to the bathroom he had cleaned out his ass! WTF? Why would a gangbang bottom clean out a perfectly wonderful cummy ass in the middle of a gangbang when the reason why the tops were there was to fuck a cummy hole? He did have a load or two in him and I have to say his butt was really silky smooth and the sensation of that felt really good.

Problem was I just wasn’t completely hard. With everything that had gone on I had lost my edge. Oddly though, I started feeling my orgasm coming, and sure enough I felt myself blow a decent sized load in him. But I wasn’t even fully hard when I came. Whatever. It was one of the most anti-climatic orgasms ever. I didn’t even give an indication that I’d cum. He didn’t really deserve it – nor did he seem to care.

After cumming I got dressed and then went into the bathroom, tried to piss a bit, then put my Prince Albert back in my dick and left.

When I looked at the time – I’d been there over an hour. I’m guessing I spent most of that time just waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. Whatever. I blew my load – I guess that’s all that matters.

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Gave A Load To A Poz Slut

Load 2014-13

Some guys just have a look about them that they’re a slutty poz bottom who lives to take loads. I fucked a guy like that today. He hit me up and he was just a few blocks away so I told him I’d head over. He answered the door in just a shirt and socks. He was skinny – really skinny. He just had that look about him – that he could lay in a bathhouse all day taking loads and be as happy as a pig in shit.

We went to the bedroom and I stripped down. He sucked on my cock until it was about at half mast, then I told him I wanted to rim him. He got up on the bed on all fours and presented his ass. His hole looked “experienced” and when I started sucking on it I could literally suck his hole into my mouth – it was that loose and fleshy. It was sorta cool actually – it was a fun hole to rim / suck on.

That got me hard pretty easily so I stood up and started fucking him with just spit. His hole felt good. I kept hitting bottom and going through the “2nd sphincter”. Like you’d expect from an experienced bottom he had zero pain when I went deep. He was just a good hole for my cock.

I told him to get on his belly and he had his legs spread and was pushing his ass up. I’m sure he was trying to give me a good position, but his ass was actually a bit too high. So I pushed his legs together and kept fucking him. That lowered his ass a bit, but I suspect he was pushing his ass up. Yes, too low can be a bad thing, but so can too high.

Eventually I felt my orgasm coming. It was a weird orgasm though – I felt my dick leaking and it felt like the cum was just sorta dribbling out. I was hoping for one big gush, but it never happened. Since it came out slowly, I have no clue how much I came up his ass.

When I was more or less done cumming (it went on for a while). I rolled both of us over and slowly pumped his hole until I got soft and came out. During that time I felt like I could piss up his ass – but I didn’t. Pissing up a cummy hole is only going to wash out the cum. But it made me wonder if part of what I thought was cum was actually piss. Who knows – it’s not like you get to see that stuff when you bareback, and I wasn’t going to felch him to find out.

After I caught my breath, I dressed and left. He’s a decent cumhole – I’ll probably hookup with him again.

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Pump-N-Dump With Zero Chemistry

Load 2014-12

Yesterday I just wanted to get my rocks off, so I went online looking. There was one guy nearby who was looking. I chatted a bit with him, but I’d fucked him previously and the hookup was “just OK”. When another guy hit me up who I hadn’t fucked before, I decided to fuck him instead. His pics were OK, but not great. Still, he was Latino, shorter, and in decent shape – that usually works fine for me, so I headed over to his place. He had mentioned that he liked leather, so I put on my Wescos and my t-shirt from MAL.

On the way over I was wondering if I hadn’t fucked him before – his address was roughly the address of a guy I fucked a while back, but that guy had really long hair and my recollection was that he was white, not Latino. The walk over was longer than I remembered. By the time I got there I was thinking “he’s coming to my place next time – this walk is just way too long”. The building I thought he was in (the one the other guy was in), wasn’t his building – so not the same guy.

When he answers the door he’s “in leather” – sorta – but not the kind of leather I’d wear. He had a leather belt with bullets on it, plus a Borat-style “mankini”, and I harnass (if I remember correctly). The mankini made me think “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” To which I told myself “Whatever. He’s a hole and I need to cum.”

I started taking off my clothes, when I got naked I was a little surprised – he made no move to suck my dick. He just got on all fours on his futon couch and presented his ass. Actually the couch was a bit of an issue. I like to fuck laying down, so I didn’t know if this was going to go all that well.

While I was sorta in the mood for a blowjob to get me hard, I rimmed his hole instead. He had some sort of grease down there, but not so much that it was gross. It actually took a while for me to get over my initial reaction and get into it enough to get hard, but I did eventually get hard enough to fuck.

When I first pushed it he pulled off really fast (hate that). But after a few tries I got in and he stopped trying to get off my dick. We fucked briefly with him on all fours, but his hole felt pretty unremarkable in that position and I started going soft, so I told him I wanted him on his belly. That was a bit tricky – there wasn’t much room on the futon for that. At first he did it with one leg on and one leg off the futon, but when I got in him the position just felt all wrong. So I got him to put both legs on the futon and that position felt much better. My dick started getting really hard, and while he couldn’t take my dick initially by this time he had opened up and was able to take a pretty hard pounding.

About the time I could feel my orgasm building he started babbling in Spanish. It was sort of cute, but when he could tell I was cumming he switched to English and my opinion changed – I started thinking “would you please just shut up?” I mean there’s hot sex talk and then there’s over-the-top sex talk. In this case what he said sorta matched the whole mankini thing.

Needless to say, as soon as I came I just wanted out of there. While I was getting dressed he was saying things like “any time… you know where I am…” and making references to organizing a gangbang. I just smiled and tried to look agreeable.

I’m not saying I’ll never fuck the guy again, but it would probably take him telling me he’s got 10+ loads in his ass before I’d really want to make the trek over to fuck him.

Oh well, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. I’m sure the guy is someone’s type – he just wasn’t mine. And if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed, but sometimes you fail when you try.

The worst part was that my phone buzzed with a text message while I was fucking the guy. As I walked home I looked at it and it was probably my all-time favorite fuck buddy wanting to hookup. I could have had a V8…

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