Still Not Hooking Up Much…

Loads 2014-6 & 7

I’m still not hookup up much lately. Maybe now that the weather is getting nicer my mood will change, but who knows…

A couple weeks ago I fucked the black guy in the neighborhood I who fuck pretty regularly. I didn’t have a lot of time so it was a quickie. He sucked me a bit to get me hard then I put him on his belly and fucked him until I came a few minutes later. Then he jacked off and pushed the head of his cock in my hole when he came. It was supposed to be a two day load, but it didn’t seem all that big – who knows. All I do know is his cock was so big even the few seconds he was in my ass hurt like hell.

Then this past weekend this guy was hosting in a hotel in Chelsea. My load was the 6th one he took that day. When I rimmed him you could taste and smell the sweet muskiness of a well bred hole. Needless to say it didn’t take me long to cum that time either (I love a cummy hole). Curiously he wasn’t a tourist – he lives here in NYC, so maybe we’ll fuck again in the near future. He had a nice body – sort of otterish, and he seemed to have a nice big thick dick on him as well – not that dick size matters when the guy is a total cumdump bottom. ;)

Part of me wants to start going to sex parties again. Problem is I’ve gained a little weight back since Thanksgiving so not feeling as sexy as I did a few months ago. And so many of the parties are expensive and sorta suck action-wise. But one way or the other I need to get back into the swing of things.

But on the plus side I’ve mostly been not hooking up because I’ve been in the mood to code. Programming is a pretty solitary endeavor – it’s not really the same headspace as interacting with someone for a hookup. But I feel like I’ve learned a ton of stuff and that I’m really starting to accomplish something that could be incredibly productive. So things are good, even if I’m not fucking a lot.

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FINALLY Gave Someone A Load

Load 2014-5

5 loads given this far into the year is sorta pathetic – I know. It’s been just over 3 weeks since I fucked anyone and just over a month since I gave a load. That’s really bad. But it is what it is. I’ve been in a really asexual mood the last few weeks. Only got out of it the last couple days. I’ve just been focused on programming for Not that I have anything to show for it, but I am making progress.

Anyway, the last guy I fucked was this black twink. Reasonably hot body, but as I was fucking him he asked me to pull out and cum on his face. I just stayed quiet. I knew it wouldn’t be very long until I’d cum, but then he kept pressing it – he explicitly said not to cum in his ass and then he managed to pull off my dick and he said he wanted to suck me off. I just looked at him with disgust and told him I don’t give oral loads and then I got off the bed. He took the hint and got up and got dressed. I mean my profile is REALLY clear about the fact that I want to cum in a guy’s ass.

The next hookup I had was even worse. It was in the middle of one of the big snow storms I was horny and didn’t really want to go out, but this hot twink told me to come over to his hotel. When he asked me to text him a cock pic as I was leaving the house I had a bad feeling about the hookup. That’s the wrong thing to say to someone who’s on their way to you. When I got to his hotel I knocked on his door and he said “Who’s there?” (like, who else was it going to be?) I said “It’s me.” There was no answer. I knocked again. Nothing. Then I got on A4A and tried to send him a message only to have the site tell me that he’s blocked me. Seriously? You had me come out in brutal weather for that?

So with two really bad experiences with twinks who were too inhibited to be good fucks, when  piggy bottom hit me up today, it seemed like a good match. He was older than me – which isn’t usually something I go for, but he had a decent body, etc. When I texted him a prior conversation came up – I had fucked him once before a little over a year ago. I had tagged him with another top. That hookup hadn’t gone so well, but this one went just fine.

Like before he asked if he could be hooded. That wasn’t what I was really looking for. It’s complicated for me to have a really anonymous scene since my bedroom isn’t all that close to the front door. All I really wanted was a pump-n-dump anyway and I told him as much.

I noticed he was getting to the end of his QuickConnect listing on BBRT. I asked him if he had any other loads in him and he said one, but he needed to douche it out before coming over because he wasn’t completely clean. He said he would be here in 20, but it took him 30 – which was close enough.

Winter makes things a bit complicated. When he came in he had to take off his boots. We didn’t say much – I wanted to keep it somewhat anonymous. I had him go before me to the bedroom so he wouldn’t be looking at me too much. He then needed to take a piss. When he came out of the bathroom he started stripping down and I came up behind him and put a bandanna over his eyes.

While he was in the bathroom I had taken off my jeans and boxers. Like me, he still had his shirt and a jockstrap on at this point and I didn’t see any reason to take them off. So I maneuvered him over to the bed and had him bend over. I got behind him and started rimming him. His ass was completely smooth and his hole was pretty nice.

Rimming got me hard pretty quickly, then I got up and had him get on all fours on the edge of the bed. I lubed up an pushed into him. It seemed to hurt him a bit which was surprising since he had gotten fucked earlier and AFAIK he gets fucked pretty regularly. He did seem pretty tight, which was nice. His pain wasn’t all that bad so I just kept on with my fucking.

I then had him get on his belly. I know that’s pretty routine for me, but all I wanted today was a simple fuck. After a while the pain seemed to go away and his grunts and groans stopped and he just laid there quietly. His hole felt pretty good. It was like a semi-tight sleeve on my cock. It felt like my cock was going straight down into the bed or something.

All I wanted to do was blow my load and get back to work, so I came fairly quickly. I then pulled out and walked around to the other side of the bed and had him suck me clean. I don’t think he understood that all I wanted was a pump and dump. He just kept laying there. So I went over and stuck my dick back in his ass and then rolled him on his side and pumped in and out until I went soft. Then I sorta spooned him for a few minutes. I was feeling his body through two layers of shirts, but he had a pretty nice compact body.

Eventually I untied the blindfold and he figured out it was time to go.

All in all a decent hookup this time. Just goes to prove older bottoms can be better fucks than cute young things.

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Fucking The Energizer Bunny

Load 2014-4

Fucked an Asian guy the other night. He arrived with a load already in him and after me he went over to Paddles to get fucked some more (though it sounds like he mostly had oral sex).

But I’m ahead of myself… The guy lives in another city and gets to NYC every now and then. I’ve been chatting with him for years. At one point during the hookup he said I fucked him years ago. Actually, he said I tagged him with a black guy. I totally don’t remember that and can’t find the blog post, but if he says it, I believe it. It must have been a really long time ago.

Anyway, he needed to use the bathroom when he got here, so I stripped down and waited for him on the bed. He came in, stripped down and started sucking me to get me hard. He was small enough that I could reach around and feel his hole while he sucked me. It felt a little puffy and loose – like it had been recently fucked. It wasn’t long before I was completely hard. When I was fully hard I started feeling his teeth as he sucked my cock. That wasn’t a pleasant sensation so I figured I’d just cut that short and fuck him.

Usually I’d rim someone like him before fucking him, but I was hard and felt like fucking. I didn’t even use lube. I had a bottle laying on the bed, but he didn’t seem to need it. I just put a bunch of spit on the head of my dick and shoved in. I asked him “do you have other loads in you?” The answer was “Yea, I’ve got a load in me.” That sorta turned me on. Asian guys are typically so clean-cut, I always love it when an Asian guy is a bit of a slut.

As I fucked him I wondered how things would be different if my boyfriend were a bottom who liked taking loads. It would be hot to have a boyfriend come home with loads from random strangers. But alas, my boyfriend is nothing like that and too much is right about our relationship to seriously wish he were different.

I thought briefly about putting a whole bunch of weight on him as I fucked him (like how Tyler Reed did when he fucked Draven Torres) but decided to keep it simple. He hole felt pretty good. I could feel a wetness from the load that was already in there which make things feel nice and silky. Needless to say with a cummy ass it wasn’t long before I was blowing my load up there. I could feel the orgasm cumming, but the actual cumshot took it’s time. He knew he was getting the load and I think he thought I had already given it, but then the cumshot came and I filled him up pretty deep.

I then collapsed on top of him. I think he liked feeling engulfed by my body since I’m so much bigger than him. Then I rolled us over on our sides and kept fucking his cummy hole a little. I pulled out a little earlier than I usually do, and it was at that point that he started doing all sorts of stuff to service me. He sucked and sucked, he sucked on my nipples, he licked my pits… It just went on and on. I felt like I was having sex with the Energizer Bunny. He wasn’t furry and pink, but he just kept going, and going, and going…

He really wanted to get me hard enough to fuck him again and get another load, but I had cum the day before at the gangbang. He did manage to get me hard enough that I started feeling his teeth again when he sucked me. I actually had to tell him to watch his teeth – which is something most experienced bottoms know to avoid. But I chalk it up to him having a small mouth and when I’m fully hard I filled his mouth pretty completely. It sounds like he did a lot of cocksucking at the JOC party after leaving me. I’m not sure how he managed to suck some of the really big black cocks you typically find at one of those parties.

I think  he could have gone on and on, but there was a point where I was sorta done and wanted it to end so I gently worked things so it was clear things needed to wrap up. We chatted a little about how he should get from my place to the JOC party, and then he was on his way.

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Two Bottom Gangbang

Load 2014-3

After sorta striking out at the sex parties I went to this past week I decided to try a gangbang. At least with gangbangs there’s no cover charge. If they’re bad you’re just out subway fare. Two guys were hosting a gangbang at the Hampton Inn in Hell’s Kitchen. That hotel seem pretty popular for gangbangs and cumdumps who just get a hotel room and see how many loads they can take. I’ve been there at least 3 other times in the last year or two.

With two bottoms I figured at least one of them would get me off. One of the bottoms said he was low 40s, the other one was early/mid 20s. Going into it I was mostly interested in the younger bottom, but a lot of it depends on the hole. I figured I’d try both holes and give my load to whichever felt better on my dick.

While I would have preferred to fuck a cummy hole, I got there just after the gangbang started. The two bottoms were there plus a black top. The lighting was all wrong – too bright and it threw off the vibe a little, but I just ignored that and stripped down. The 20 something guy had answered the door and the older guy was servicing the black top. But by the time I had gotten naked they had switched and the black guy was fucking the 20-something bottom.

The younger bottom wasn’t really what I was expecting. His profile on BBRT said “HIV Status: Not Sure” yet he had this big biohazard tattoo on his pec (which was mostly hidden in his profile pic). He had a great body – totally my type – Latino, somewhat short, thin with a little waist and a beautiful ass.

The older bottom was pretty much what I was expecting. He has one of those profiles where you don’t quite believe what you read. His pics were accurate, but seeing the pics you don’t quite believe he’s the age he says he is. The best way I can describe it is that he tries too hard to be something he isn’t. He gets close, but there’s something just a little off. His whole body is shaved (to the point that his ass was a bit stubbly). But honestly I didn’t really care about any of that. All I cared about was what his hole felt like only dick.

The sexual energy with the older bottom was a little strained. He went to suck my dick and when I wasn’t hard in 5 second he stopped. He then asked if I was poz. I said “no, I’m neg”, and he said “oh, too bad”. I rimmed him a bit, got a full boner and at that point he wanted to suck my dick some more. He wasn’t really offering his hole, but finally I just told him I wanted to fuck him, so he threw his legs in the air. Not my favorite position, but whatever.

His hole felt pretty good. He worked his nips a lot while I was fucking him. I fucked him for a while, but didn’t want to really try to cum with him until I had at least tried to fuck the younger bottom.

Eventually the black top finished with the younger bottom and I had my turn. He also wanted to suck cock initially, but got the hint and we moved to fucking pretty quickly. He got on his belly and spread his legs. I put a little lube on my cock and pushed in. He was surprisingly tight and dry. I mean he had just been fucked, and I found out later that the black top had given him a load. But as I pushed in and fucked him I couldn’t feel the load. Either it had been pretty small or had been dumped really deep.

I should step back a bit and say the young bottom would probably best be described as light-skinned blatino. He generally looked Latino, but he had coarse, curly hair in certain places – like his ass. Usually hairy asses aren’t an issue for me, but with him it was. It was the combination of lots of coarse hair combined with a rather perky ass. It meant the course hairs were constantly scratching my dick. I’m not going to call it a bad thing – it was just different. Things didn’t feel quite right. I added a bunch of lube to the top of my dick as I was fucking him. That helped, but only marginally.

Knowing the older bottom was into poz talk, I figured the young bottom would be as well. I whispered into the bottom’s ear “Are you a good little poz cumdump?” I didn’t really get a reaction from him. So that sorta fell flat and I fucked him without saying much from then on. I gave him a half way decent fuck, but I could tell my orgasm wasn’t coming and my dick was starting to go down as I got hotter from the exercise of fucking. So I pulled out and we sat around a bit and talked.

The vibe had felt a little like a PNP atmosphere except that I was pretty sure everyone was sober. However, the black top started telling a story about one time when he was with a guys and they were PNPing and the host put on this really weird straight incest movie and everyone got freaked out. The movie actually sounded sorta fun an interesting, but the guy couldn’t remember the name of the movie.

I had forgotten my cockring but I have this rawhide string tied to my keychain that I use as a cockring when I need a cockring and don’t have one. The problem was I hadn’t put it on tight enough and when I took it off and tried to retie it it kept slipping because it had gotten soaked in lube when I had lubed my dick mid-fuck. The young bottom kept looking at me trying to tie the damn thing. I’m sure he wondered what the problem was. Finally I took it off, tied it to the size it should be, and then put my dick and balls through it.

After maybe 10 or 15 minutes of the 4 of us chatting (and them surfing hookup sites with their phones trying to get more guys to come over), my dick got hard again. The older bottom was absorbed in his phone. I sorta wanted to fuck him again, but it was the younger bottom who noticed my hardon and started sucking me and then offered his ass to fuck.

This time I just took the dry and scratchy nature of his ass as a given and didn’t think about it. After a while of fucking him I could tell I was cumming. It wasn’t a major orgasm. It was like the start of the orgasm at the party the day before – felt like I was steadily leaking cum into his ass. But unlike the night before the flood gates never opened. So he got my load, but not a big load.

I rolled us on our sides and kept slowly pumping in and out of his ass. He picked up his phone and was arranging more guys as I slowly fucked him. Being on his phone earlier would have bothered me, but somehow in the context of a gangbang him on his phone arranging his next fuck while I had my dick in his ass, seemed completely normal.

I then put my clothes on and headed out. All in all it was decent. Would have been better a few hours later when the young bottom had 6 or 7 loads in him – then his ass would have felt incredible.

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Group Sex In NYC Sorta Sucks

Load 2014-2

I went to a couple sex parties this week and I gotta say I was pretty disappointed. I know some guys may have been at MAL, but it’s not like all the piggy guys in NYC went to DC for the weekend.

The first one I went to was on Wednesday. Of the two it was the better one. There was a decent turnout, but not a great turnout. The problem was most of the action was oral or guys used condoms. There were maybe three guys there really taking loads and they weren’t getting all that much action. There were also a few guys who’d get fucked here and there, but I couldn’t really tell if they were getting fucked bareback. Case and point was this one really hot guy who came in, got fucked by this black top with a HUGE dick, and then I didn’t see the hot bottom the rest of the night. I know the top was fucking other bottoms raw, but not sure if the hot muscle boy took him raw – probably – I can’t see a standard condom fitting on that guy’s dick.

I fucked two of the bottoms. Would have fucked more but there were two issues… First, when I’d get hard and was ready to fuck the two bottoms I fucked were usually the only bareback bottoms available. And second, watching oral sex and sex with condoms just doesn’t make me hard. In a group setting I need visual stimulation – it’s not like it’s normal to stay hard for 3 to 5 hours straight. And what I was seeing wasn’t all that much of a turn on.

I didn’t cum that night, but that isn’t unusual for that venue – they don’t have beds so I can’t get bottoms on their bellies where things feel good enough to cum. Since the last time I was there they did add a long bench sort of thing, but it sagged in the middle, so when I got a bottom on it the position still wasn’t right. I gave it my all, but the orgasm just never came.

One thing I noticed about that party was that they put condoms in the play area. When CumUnion uses the same space they put condoms out in a place that’s more a hallway. Having condoms so easy available meant people were constantly grabbing for condoms. If they had been out in the hallway fewer people would have used them and the action would have been hotter. I’m guessing NYC requires the few commercial sex venues to have condoms available. I just wish the party promoters would be less enthusiastic in the way they comply with that rule. They should put them in a place where no one will notice them and make the lube packets readily available in the play areas.

But that party was good compared to the other one I went to. With the other one almost no one showed up. I was one of the first people to show up and stayed for three hours and right before I left they were handing out coat check number 19 to someone who had just arrived. The party was in a fairly big duplex apartment, but they held the party in the coat check closet. That’s just lame. The problem was that the apartment was cold and the coat check room was the only small space that was easy to warm up. If they have electric heat, given the prices for electricity here in NYC (25¢ per kWh), I sorta understand the problem, but the problem is that when you hold a party in a closet people just don’t come back. I know I wanted to go there the next night for another party and when I saw the problems with the space I just thought “forget it”.

That party had a lot of guys I’d call “inhibited”. They’d play around with raw sex – rubbing their cocks up and down other guy’s asses and maybe poking in briefly, but they’d generally rubber up to fuck. It was really frustrating. There was some barebacking going on. One hot guy was taking a good pounding and I felt his ass afterwards and it was totally cummy. But he had gotten fucked so hard he wasn’t up for another fuck.

I only fucked one guy at that party and I did manage to give him a load. It was a pretty huge load too – I felt cum dribbling out for a few seconds and than all of a sudden there was this huge tidal wave of cum that came out of my balls. It was sorta cool. The funny part was the guy had told me a few minutes before that he was thinking of leaving. I bet he was glad he stayed.

On top of inhibitions, that party was also very cliquey. Guys only wanted to play with certain types of guys and if you didn’t match what they were looking for they’d pretend you didn’t exist. That might be fine in a party with 150 guys, but it just doesn’t work in a party with 15 guys (or less).

And for the honor of going to that party I paid $25. Which is the other problem with group sex in NYC – it’s expensive which makes people think it’s just not worth it.

So I have no clue why the group sex scene in NYC is so lame. There are very few bareback (only) sex parties. The few I know about are in out-of-the way locations or are for “in shape guys only”. I don’t consider myself to be “in shape” so I don’t go to those, though I’m probably borderline and could get into some of those parties. The NYC bathhouses are just as bad. I was talking to one bottom who goes to one of the ones in Manhattan pretty regularly. I think he’s doing it behind his boyfriend’s back, so he only stays for about an hour and a half, but it sounds like a good night is 2 loads. I can’t see paying the outrageous entry fee to just get a load or two.

One thing I did notice that was encouraging is that the “Poz4Poz” party isn’t just for poz guys. They bill it as “for poz guys and guys who like a poz environment”. But the problem is that it’s held in that unheated duplex apartment. Maybe when the weather warms up I’ll give it a try. The question is are poz guys just as inhibited when they’re at a poz party?

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First Load Of 2014 Deposited In Smooth Asian Hole

Load 2014-1

Had a good hookup yesterday with a neg bottom who’s a bit of a slutty cumhole, but really clean-cut appearance outwardly. He’s the Asian guy I fucked last month. He wanted me to come over right as another top was leaving, so he’d get loads back-to-back.

I get to his building and had to wait a couple minutes for the top before me to leave. He was in a nice building downtown – doorman, concierge, etc. When I got up to his apartment I sorta expected him to be naked since he’d just been fucked, but he was fully clothed. His apartment was quite nice, which was a pleasant change of pace from most of the places I see when I fuck guys. Clearly his life is going pretty well.

We strip down pretty quickly and he gets on the bed and throws his legs in the air. That’s when I remembered he’s not really into blowjobs. That’s fine with me – eating out smooth Asian hole is hardly a bad way to work up a hardon. As I rimmed him I was sorta hoping I’d taste the load that got deposited by the other top, but I never did taste anything in particular.

Once I was fully hard I climbed on the bed and pushed into him. His hole felt really good. A little slick (probably from the load in him), but also sorta tight and hitting in the right spots on my dick.

After fucking him briefly on his back, I rolled him over  bit and fucked him on his side. That felt really good and I could start to feel my orgasm building. I didn’t want to rush it too much – figured I’d just take my time (not that I ever take all that long to cum). But I wasn’t quite sure I could cum in that position, so I rolled him all the way onto his belly and experimented in that position until his hole was working my dick just right. Needless to say it wasn’t long before I blew a nice big 3 day load up his ass.

It was good I came when I did. I was sorta out of breath by the time the load came. I laid down next to him and spooned him with my dick still in his ass – just slowly pumping in and out of his cummy hole. We chatted a bit as I felt up his body.

After a little downtime he tried to get my dick up hard enough to fuck, but my load was shot and it wasn’t really happening – close, but not quite. After laying around a bit and chatting I eventually got dressed and left.

He’s a good cumhole – hopefully I’ll get to breed him pretty regularly this year.

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