If you hookup with me, you should want my load in your ass…

Load 2008-32

Had to go downtown last night to do a final fitting for some leather chaps and a leather vest I had made for IML. Was looking forward to hooking up afterwards… Had a hookup planned, but it fell through, then had a hard time finding another.

Finally I had two options – a thin Latin guy who wasn’t quite my type (which is saying something), or a white guy who was taller than me with a beefy body. I opted for the thin Latino…

I get to his place, and he’s at least 10 years older than the age in his profile. But I was horny and needed to fuck. So I stay and we wind up going at it pretty fast. I had to take a leak so I did that first, and then he went down on me in the hallway outside the bathroom. At first I wasn’t all that hard, but I got hard pretty quickly. He gave a good blow job and didn’t gag when I’d push my dick down his throat… He seemed to like that and kept sucking and sucking.

After a while he started jacking his dick. I was a little afraid he was going to cum all over my boots and it would all be over. To me oral is nothing more then foreplay, but to this guy it seemed like that was all he was interested in. I’d reach for his butt and he didn’t really respond. Finally I wind up just saying it – “I want to fuck you”, but he just kept on sucking.

FINALLY, he gets the idea, stands up, pulls down his pants, but tells me to go slow ’cause I’ve got a big dick… I put some spit on his hole and on my dick and just shove in. When I first get inside him his reaction is to pull off me, but I just hold him on my dick and tell him to keep it in there… I’m not sure why he was being so hesitant – he wound up taking it just fine…

So there we are, standing in the hallway fucking. The angle is difficult and he’s not really being cooperative. He’s standing in a way that makes it really difficult to fuck. When he bent over to get the poppers out of his jeans I was able to get in nice and deep and it felt great, so I knew there was potential. I tried to get him to arch his back down, or bend over and basically grab his ankles, but he just wasn’t paying attention all that well to what I wanted…

Finally I ask if there’s a place we can lay down so I can fuck him that way. I get him on the bed and gradually we go from a doggy position to having him on his belly. It’s funny the little things you notice at times like that. I noticed the photographs on the wall were really nice for such a small apartment, and that I really should have taken off my glasses…

I continue fucking him and gradually get him into a position that feels really good, and I know I’m going to have no problem cumming. Right about that time he tells me he wants me to shoot in his mouth. I just say “I want to cum in your ass” and continue fucking. Then like 30 seconds later he says “Don’t cum in my ass” to which I say “But I want to…”

If there’s anything that’s clear about my Manhunt profile it’s that I’m looking to seed ass. This guy had been hounding me for a long time about hooking up – he knew what I was about and there was no way I was pulling out… I could tell I was going to cum soon, so when I finally came I didn’t make a big deal of it. My breathing changed a little, but I didn’t really say anything until I’d shot most of my wad up his ass. It felt good too – it was a nice, big, 5 day load…

I pumped in and out of his hole when I was done – always like the feeling of a cummy ass. When I pulled out he got up and went to the bathroom where he probably shit out my load. I used the opportunity to get dressed. When he came out of the bathroom we said our goodbyes and I was out of there…

Do I feel guilty about cumming in him when he said to pull out? Absolutely not. He knew what I was about before he hooked up with me. Just cause he was an oral bottom who wanted to taste the cum isn’t really something I care about. If he wants to taste it he can scoop it out of his ass and lick it off his fingers. And he seemed to have issues with having cum in his ass (running to the bathroom after sex). If that’s the case, then why was he pursuing a top that clearly was looking to breed?

Speaking of guys who don’t want cum in their ass… The thin bottom who lives near me told me yesterday he’s not sure about taking loads anymore. A friend of his who used to fuck him raw found out he’s poz – he feels like he dodged a bullet. I told him when he’s ready to take a load, let me know, but if we hookup again I definitely intend to cum in him… I didn’t get my load in him last time ’cause I had hooked up earlier that day. Next time I really want to complete what I started… I’m confident he’ll go back to taking loads – they always do…

UPDATE: The bottom contacted me – hoped I enjoyed myself and wants to hookup again… Goes to show he wasn’t upset about getting cum in his ass… Probably just wanted to taste it…

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  1. Ad Says:

    again, agree 200%
    stayed neg from 1980 till 2007
    thought I was one of the few who just could not be pozzed, but then last year I turned out to be just that.
    Don’t blame anybody. Still like a decent fuck more then anything

  2. sfverscumboy Says:

    That really sucks when the guys don’t put out what they are pushing for.
    I have had tops do the same, want to fuck and I am all ready for the load in my ass but they pull out.
    If I hook up it is for a load in my ass or down my throat usually but if you are fucking my ass bare, the load needs to go in and and stay in.
    Hope to see you at IML, and if you are in my ass while on my stomach I will clamp down on that cock and not let it out until you do dump your load.
    Here’s to a weekend of hot sex and great blogging material!

  3. damien whitfield Says:

    all the bottoms want cum in their ass, when they say no, they really mean yes, but of course u are rawtop, so u know what i mean.

  4. grrrrrtfckbtm Says:

    I love cum up my ass. I’ve spent the better part of ten years ass up, door open in Philly Bathhouses with just a bottle of lube and a bottle of poppers taking as many loads as possible. I just don’t get the whole pulling out thing.

  5. fagswrshjswwss Says:

    l want it badly. please do it to me

  6. marie Says:

    please do me i want my ass fucked i am still a virgin there

  7. Vincent Says:

    I love it! It was about a million years ago and only the 2nd or 3rd time I ever had sex and still get wood thinking about how sexy I felt walking home for dinner with the nieghborhood bullie’s cock-jiuce leaking out of me!

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