Bottom Didn’t Want My Load In His Ass, But Got It Anyway

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I was debating whether to hookup last night when this bottom contacted me on BarebackRT. Early 40s, Latino, and just a few blocks from me. His profile said he was neg, which I thought was odd for a bareback bottom in his 40s. He says he’s up for coming over and I tell him to come over in an hour. Then he’s late and I ask if he’s going to come over. He says he was vacuuming his place and wanted to finish then he’d be over. Weird response, but he does finally arrive.

When he comes in I recognize him from pics I’ve seen before (which were more accurate than the pic in his profile). He had wanted me to be in leather when I fucked him, so I was in leather chaps, leather vest and boots… We get things started and he sucks my dick briefly and then asks me how I want him and proceeds to lay face down on the bed. It was obvious he wanted to just get fucked. I tried rimming him, but the position was weird, so I just lubed up my dick and climbed on him.

As I’m shoving in he says he’s tight and he was right. Then he asked me if I liked to talk dirty. I can get into it a bit, so I tried to get into it and asked him things like “you like to get bred boy”? And he said “no, but can you pull out and cum on my face?” I just flatly said I like to cum in a guy’s ass. Then he asked me if I had my hood handy and I told him it was too much trouble to get and asked him if he liked anonymous fucks where he can’t see the guy’s face. Again, he wasn’t playing along with my attempts to talk dirty and said “no”. (Then why did he ask me to wear my hood?)

Then he started changing positions and generally disrupting things. In the course of things my dick started going soft (I don’t like bottoms trying to control the scene), but I did learn one important thing. He really liked feeling my full weight on him.

At one point I told him I didn’t think it was going to work and he asked if he had ruined the mood. I just said “whatever” and tried to pass it off. He didn’t seem to want to leave, so we laid there a bit and I jacked my dick. I asked him to suck my dick and he did a half hearted suck for 30 seconds and stopped. Finally I got hard again and climbed on top of him and continued to fuck him. He asked if I just wanted him to be quiet and I said yes…

So I’m fucking him on his belly putting all my weight on him. When I don’t have all my weight on him (supporting my upper body on the bed) he tries to get me to change things up and put my weight on his arms. It’s really clear what he wants – he wants to feel trapped and sorta helpless as he’s getting fucked. He suggests I pull out and cum on his back. And every time my breathing changes a bit or I slow down he asks if I’ve cum in him. While he never says not to cum in him, I can tell he doesn’t want it, but I can tell he also likes tops to overpower him…

So I just use all my weight and pin him to the bed and fuck him. He couldn’t have moved if he wanted to, and it was sorta like he was just a hole in the mattress. When I feel like I’m about to cum I keep my breathing and strokes steady until he’s got most of my load then I slow down. He asks if I came and I say yes. I keep him pinned to the bed for a while and slowly fuck his cummy ass (which he really seems to like).

As I expected, shortly after I get off him he starts wrapping it up and wants to go use the bathroom. I knew he was in there shitting my cum out of his ass, but he still got plenty of cum up there since he got a 4 day load up his butt.

He didn’t seem mad or anything for me not pulling out. Hopefully he’ll come back for more… The moral of the story is that if you get fucked bareback, you will get cum in your ass… Some of us just don’t pull out.

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  1. Nick Starr Says:

    I don’t get it…are you positive? I guess I haven’t been reading long enough to know your HIV status. If you are, would you knowingly cum in a guy’s ass who KNOWS he is negative? … and post the story about it the DAY after World AIDS Day?

  2. rawTOP Says:

    @Nick – No, neg… Last test 10/4/08. And I don’t know he’s neg – people lie in their profiles all the time. And we didn’t discuss it…

    Trust me, he knew what was coming and didn’t seem surprised when I came in his ass. I made my intentions really clear.

  3. Knock me Up Says:

    god, I live for men like you.

  4. Bacchus4u Says:

    Thanks for writing this. I am probably a lot like this guy…really would love to feel bb (but have lots of reasons not to do it: negative, married, etc). I fantasize about it a lot and you make it clear that once you are really in that situation, the cum will come, whether the bottom likes it a lot. Sobering for my fantasies and realistic. Thanks

  5. rawbttmboy Says:

    Thats a great story. I remember when I was 19 and my first BB experience. The guy who was fucking me had a hard time. I really wanted to get spermed but at the same time my inner voice was trying to get me out of it. After that first time things changed. I had so many loads up my ass that I lost count when I turned 20. I am now 23 and still negative… How could that be? I never ask a guy if he is poz or neg.

  6. nickf Says:

    Do you find a guy who is straight and then he feels guilty after having fucked him? Most guys I have found like it and then feel embarrased and guilty.

  7. nickf Says:

    I am a straight acting guy.Anyone in Australia ?:)

  8. makebabiesinme Says:

    Reminds me of my first anal experience. We had a condom there and ready, but the guy did the all-too-common “Just let me stick it in without one for a minute” and I wanted to try it first without. I thought I could get used to it for a bit, then have him pull out and put the condom on once I was ready to go.
    The top kinda pinned me face down and kept his weight on me, and sure enough once it felt good for me it was feeling way too good for him to want to stop and put a condom on.
    Before I knew it he was all the way up me and cumming. I had a moment of panic, but when you’re lying there pinned down and you know he’s cumming it’s too late and in a blink I was just flooded with not only his cum, but the most awesome feeling ever. In my mind I could picture the head of his cock deep inside me spurting it’s cum, and I came then and there.
    He collapsed his full weight onto me, gave a few more deep thrusts inside me to get the last of it out, and slipped out of me.
    For the life of me I didn’t care – having him cum inside me was the most wonderful experience.
    I never hooked up with him again, but I’ll always remember the first wonderful experience of lying there helpless as this man’s cock pulsed deep inside me and flooded me with his sperm.

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