Simple Fuck With A Black Fuck Buddy

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Yesterday my black fuck buddy came over. It had been a while since we’d fucked. He’s got a good ass, and a nice body and likes to travel – so he’s a pretty easy fuck.

He got here exactly on time. We wen to my bedroom. I apologized for the mess (he wasn’t phased). He then sucked my dick for a bit, but I had taken a pill and had my cock ring on pretty tight and my dick was just too sensitive to get sucked.

I then ate his ass, which he LOVED and as I was rimming him I was lubing up my dick. Then I got up behind him and fucked him doggy for a bit and then pushed him onto his belly and continued fucking him.

It didn’t take long to cum. Just before I started cumming he could sense it and started saying “Yeah, give me that charged load. Knock me up man…” That wasn’t the time to tell him I had tested neg the day before. Plus, he had told me last year that he was poz, not on meds, but still “undetectable” – but that never quite added up for me – especially for a black guy. So who knows what his status is… There are some guys where you just never know – it’s part of barebacking and the reason why “Neg4Neg” is a total joke.

Anyway, once I came he wanted me to stay in his ass while he got on his knees and jacked off. He then sorta insisted I play with his nipples while he jacked off. Getting him off is always the down side of hooking up with him. I really couldn’t give a shit whether the guys I fuck cum or not. If they do want to cum, I shouldn’t be obligated to help make it happen.

But all in all a good fuck.

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  1. A.Shaw Says:

    What do you mean “but that never quite added up for me–especially for a black guy”? As you say “Neg4Neg is a total joke so what’s your concern?

  2. rawTOP Says:

    @A. Shaw – Black guys are more 40% more likely to get HIV (with the same level risk). While I now know there are genes that can let black guys control their viral loads naturally (and that may be the case with this guy), they don’t benefit from CCR5 mutations which are how white guys typically avoid and control HIV.

    Neg4Neg is a joke – you will end up HIV+ if you’re a bottom who takes loads – especially from complete strangers.

  3. gphbk Says:

    @rawTOP – wait, you’re saying that black men are 40% more likely to get HIV from the exact same behavior as white guys simply because they’re black? That doesn’t seem like it could possibly be true…maybe some report said it but then I wonder about how critically you read the article.

  4. FYI Says:

    No gphbk….

    The reason for the genetic differences, was because in Europe the ‘black plaque’ and other viruses infected that population. But those diseases never reached Africa, or regions in the Middle East, and Asia. The offspring of the surviving population in Europe did benefit from exposure, as they inherited an efficient ability to attack those infections. Similar to HIV.

    It is this same reason, when many of the white settlers first came to America, those unfortunate Natives were exposed to viruses and died. Sometimes, the settlers would use this fact, as biological ware-fare against Natives, since they didn’t have a predisposition to fight those illnesses. Sometimes the blankets traded with the native population were intentionally tainted from a smallpox patient; and given apart of a trade… to kill that Native population in the region.(This is an appalling truth of our country)

    Blacks, or Africans, who resided in a different continent were not exposed to those viruses. So those with a genetic predisposition towards a efficiently fighting an infection, might have a higher T-cell count because of this. It means that certain ancestors were or weren’t exposed to illnesses that effected the immune system—evolutionary wise it means the genetic offspring have a tolerance towards certain infections that the ancestors were exposed to.

    Malaria, is a disease that Africans have been exposed to for millions of years; Africans, or blacks, might have an natural immunity that is efficient at fighting the infection. Where as, a European, or descendant might not.

    But studies are not proof that it is the case in every person. You might on occasion find a Black individual’s T-cell load higher because their system is handling the infection better then someone who is white. You also have to take into account the environmental factors that contribute to health as well.

  5. hitchcocknyc Says:

    You know, Black guys can also run faster because they have an extra bone in their legs! TOTALLY TRUE!

  6. LOL Says:

    What? The black plague =/ HIV. Two entire separate diseases

  7. rawTOP Says:

    @LOL – When they first started noticing that some guys were resistant and immune to HIV they researched why. Initially they came to the conclusion that it was because an ancestor had survived the Bubonic Plague. It wasn’t until years later that they determined they were wrong and it was actually ancestors who survived Small Pox that made the difference. Still, many people didn’t get the memo (so to speak) and they talk about Bubonic Plague – it’s the general right idea, just the wrong disease.

  8. FYI Says:

    Notice how I included ‘other viruses’ and referenced the small pox epidemic that American settlers created for the Natives. I gave two references, the only example immune deficiency being the latter.

    For your information I did read the ‘memo’, but those studies aren’t conclusive but speculative. Also I did mention that someone who might have a genetic predisposition towards a higher immunity might fail because of poor living conditions and health practices. A black person is capable of achieving a higher T-cell count, over a white person, if they take adequate care of themselves regardless of the genetics factor.

  9. FYI Says:

    It also could be stated, that on average many Blacks in our country live in poor conditions; a legacy from racism. And therefore, immunity resistance is impossible to achieve because they live in conditions that don’t allow for it.

    So again, this is speculative and not conclusive.

    It is the same way for the origin of HIV itself. Scientists have attempted to trace the disease lineage to determine origins. The running theory now, is that the current form of HIV came from a viral ancestor in Madagascar… as they found a virus in the region’s mice that is similar to HIV’s genetic code. There is a theory of why the disease spread to the human population from Gorilla meat… but again it is only a THEORY. THEORIES are always updated and modified as science continues to acquire facts and information.

    This is why science is better then religion; because dogmas cannot change if something proven otherwise. Yet with theories, we can constantly update them to be relevant.

    And I will step of the soapbox now…

  10. FYI Says:

    And yes, I do know that HIV genetically modifies itself when incubated into the new host–and that is why it is difficult to develop medicines to treat.

    But the genes do not radically change, they have consistency between each virus to identify as HIV–therefore, it is possible to genetically find an ancestor of the disease.

    Okay. Nuff’ Said.

  11. FYI Says:

    I can appreciate the sensitivity to this issue, as we have a history in the last 40 years of mistreatment of blacks, because the perception of their physiology was different then whites–which is FALSE.

    That particular form of racism created biases on part of the scientists that took advantage of blacks in this country–for example, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.

    Caution must be used with statements like above. We must avoid bias in our science otherwise we are unethical in our pursuit of fact and truth.

  12. Pete Says:

    “I really couldn’t give a shit whether the guys I fuck cum or not. If they do want to cum, I shouldn’t be obligated to help make it happen.”

    ^ What a friggin ego! Gee, I wonder what you’d say if a bottom said “I really couldn’t give a shit whether the guys fucking me cum or not. If they do want to cum, I shouldn’t be obligated to help make it happen.” You’re a selfish top. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Nothing more unappealing.

  13. Mike Says:

    Wait a second…so I’ve seen that supposed data about people who survived the plague and the survivor gene and its connections, yeah yeah yeah…but um a lot of us American Blacks have white genes—so for 60% of us we have the same possibilities as white guys…..In fact I can trace my ancestry back to the Norman Invasion in England, and all of my great grandparents were half-white..umm this gets muddy really really fast.

  14. rawTOP Says:

    @Mike – Right… So those white (sometimes rapists) may have given you something worthwhile. BUT the chances of you being completely immune are lower since you’re a lower percentage of white than someone like me who’s a total white boy.

  15. Srsly Says:

    @rawtop[aka total white boy whose rapist white roots gave the horrible black people some good genes]

    You know I don’t expect much from a website devoted to barebacking that links to porn advertisements to keep the site running. But your statement has me cringing in disgust[and i'm white]. Don’t speak about things that you obviously don’t know anything about. I am done with your white power pseudoscience bullshit- I just hope that all of the people you brainwashed will realize you are just an idiot who will die of HIV and infect countless others along the way.

  16. Srsly Says:

    I forgot to say a racist idiot, sorry

  17. rawTOP Says:

    @Srsly – It’s not “white power pseudoscience” it’s genetics. I’m not saying being white is generally genetically superior. For example, blacks often have a genetic resistance to Malaria that whites don’t have. It’s just when it comes to HIV whites _sometimes_ have a genetic advantage.

  18. rawTOP Says:

    I finally found the links to give more info on what I was saying…

    A scientific study talking about malaria resistance & HIV susceptibility in blacks

    My blog post a while ago about black guys and susceptibility to HIV

  19. XLlatin Says:

    Read this .

  20. hanz Says:

    HIV type I is based on us which first encounter by cdc on 1984. When 20 gay men mysteriously illed and die for for unknow cause. HIV type II is based on africa. Haitan are more susceptible to that disease, meaning they’re are known to get easily infected. We all know that HIV is targeting the CD4 t cells which play important role is immune response t cell and b cell help together to produce antibodies against specific diseases. ( B cell dependent antigen and t cells dependent antigen) in case of HIV b cells is helpless without t cells because HIV is t cells dependent antigen.

  21. hanz Says:

    Black people is resistance to malaria because of its daffy antigen a blood type which only can be found on black races..

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