Bottom Wanted A Quicker Fuck Than Me

Load 2013-7

Well, after a slow start I’m starting to pick up my pace. To reach my goal of 100 loads this year I should be doing 8.3 per month. Looks like this month it’ll just be 7 – but that’s not too far behind – though next month is a short month.

Anyway, I was sort of looking to fuck today. By sorta I mean I didn’t feel like traveling or putting much effort into it, and honestly the quicker the better – so I could get back to work. There were a few options, but nothing definite and honestly it was a pretty slow day. But finally a guy hit me up and said he could be right over, so I said yes.

He arrived a little later than he said he would – but still pretty quickly. As he walked in he said the place looked better than last time he was there. Honestly I had forgotten that I’d fucked him before. (That’s a little embarrassing). So I covered my lack of memory by asking him what the place was like last time he was here. He said it was months ago.

Anyway, we both stripped down and he got on his knees and started sucking my cock. I was maybe half hard – I’m always a little self-conscious when a bottom is sucking me and I’m not hard. I feel like it’s my job to be hard and blowjobs don’t always do it for me, and if I do get hard with a blowjob it can take a while. But despite the fact that I wasn’t completely hard, at one point he stopped saying he had to breathe. I didn’t quite understand why he couldn’t breathe through his nose, and it wasn’t like I was hard enough to deep throat him…

I took the pause in action to change things up – had him get on the bed on all fours so I could rim him. I gotta say I really loved his ass. It was clean, but didn’t taste like soap. It was a little hairy, but not all that hairy. There was just something about it that was incredibly hot. (And I eat a lot of ass – so that’s saying something).

Needless to say that got me hard, so I lubed up my dick, then stood up and started fucking him. He was in this position where he was sorta curled up in a ball on the bed. The guy is pretty skinny – the overall effect was pretty hot. And his hole was pretty tight and felt good on my cock.

I pushed him forward and told him to get on his belly. He hesitated and said it hurts that way sometimes, but he complied. Since he was willing to do it, I felt I needed to take it a little easy on him. I pushed his legs together and didn’t fuck too deeply. I just worked the first few inches of my dick into him on each stroke. His ass was rubbing the bottom of the head of my dick really good.

I came pretty quickly and when I did I had this electric feeling go all through my body. It made for an unusually good orgasm. Nor sure where the feeling came from – haven’t felt it so strongly in a long time.

After cumming I rolled the two of us over and kept my hard cock in his ass. He wanted to jerk off and did. My cock wasn’t getting smaller – it liked being up his ass. But while I was still hard and inside him he said “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I need to be somewhere by 5, so I need to run.” I’m thinking, “dude, I haven’t even gone soft yet”, but another part of me sorta laughed. Usually I’m the one who ends the hookup earlier than the bottom wanted. For once the tables were turned on me and I was the one who wasn’t getting as long of a fuck as I wanted. Mind you, I probably would have laid there for another 5 minutes or so, and it was a really good fuck on a number of levels, so I can’t complain…

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  1. dano Says:

    I’ve felt that electricity shoot through me once before. The night i become poz.

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