Broke A Dry Spell With A Favorite Fuck Buddy

Load 2013-11

Looking at my spreadsheet it’s been 22 days since I gave a load. There were two other fucks in there – one the day after, and another a week ago, but I didn’t manage to cum either time.

The first one was with a guy I’ve been wanting to fuck for a while – very submissive. But it was sorta disappointing – first, I wasn’t able to cum. But then I tried flogging him, and he could take some pain, but he had a potential boyfriend coming into town a few days later and didn’t want obvious marks on his body – so I couldn’t really do all that much (’cause he said he bruises easily). And then third he was capable of getting fisted, but I hadn’t trimmed my fingernails, so that was a bad idea. I tried out my cocksheath on him – he could take that no problem, and then I tried out my Pig Hole on him – also no problem. BUT neither could get me to cum and the problem was that while he was clean enough to fuck, with the Pig Hole in he basically had a huge gaping hole into his ass and it didn’t smell so good. It was frustrating – ’cause he has potential, but things just didn’t work out.

And then a week ago I hooked up with a cumhole in the neighborhood. He hadn’t gotten back to me very quickly so I was really rushed on time. And he didn’t have a proper bed, so I couldn’t really get in a comfortable groove with him – so that didn’t work so well either.

Things have been slow for a number of reasons but one of the major ones was that I just wasn’t in the mood. It wasn’t winter blues or anything – I just was in a different mood. I’ve been programming a new site and when I program I sometimes get blinders on. I get really mellow and just focus on the task at hand. Bottom line I didn’t feel like interacting with people all that much – jacking off seemed more my mood than fucking.

It is interesting that full moons seem to get me in a sexual mood. I broke a 9 day dry spell a day before the last full moon and then proceeded to fuck 8 guys in 13 days. Now I’m breaking a dry spell the day after the full moon.

Anyway – the hookup… After so much of nothing, I wanted a good hookup to get back in the swing of things, so when my little muscular Latino fuckbuddy said yesterday that he was available tonight, I got online and pretty much ignored everyone waiting for him. His hole always feels incredible and I love his body.

His profile says he’s versatile and honestly, in my weird sexual mood, I contemplated having him fuck me. I even spent all sorts of time cleaning out. I mean he gets incredibly hard when he’s with me and he’s not huge (so I should be able to take him), and he’s really hot… He should be a good fuck, but when he actually got here I got my regular groove back and didn’t want anything other than to fuck him. The thought of him fucking me just seemed completely wrong.

It was a pretty standard fuck only he sucked my dick for a while before getting on all fours and presenting his ass to me. The blowjob went better than most. I was a little worried ’cause as he was undressing I was naked and wasn’t getting very hard very fast. But I was a bit more than half hard when he started sucking and the blowjob did its trick and I got completely hard as he was blowing me. It was actually sorta fun fucking his face.

The he got on the bed and I rimmed him for a little bit before lubing up my dick and fucking him. He seemed to want to jack his dick as I was fucking him, but I pushed him down on his belly and stopped that. His hole always feels incredible and it didn’t take long for me to cum. The funny part was my cum took a while to cum out. My orgasm started and nothing was coming out, then it sorta trickled out for a while.

I then laid on top of him and slow fucked him. Then turned him on his side and spoon fucked him while he jacked off. He came in like 30 seconds.

Some of the hookups with him are pretty quick. This one was only about 20 minutes, but it was more relaxed… I liked it ;)

After he left I realized I’ve fucked him a lot of times, but I have no clue what his name is or anything about him. It’s sorta funny – but I also sorta like it that way.

This weekend should be fun – I’ve got the place to myself so I’ll be exploring sex parties, bathhouses, etc. I’ve even got a slave coming in for the day on Sunday. Should be fun ;)

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